AI in Healthcare is attracting huge investments, here is why

A different point of view on technologies in healthcare: machine learning and deep learning attracted $4,3 billion in the last 5 years. The effects are changing factors in many fields, in particular in diagnostics.


  • Cardiogram brings auto diagnostics to the patients
  •  Evidation helps to collect and analyzes big data to prevent disease
  •  Omada Health supports the management of chronic disease, like diabetes
  •  Woebot is a “conversational agent” that helps and educates the patient day by day

In a way, healthcare and AI are almost made for each other. The healthcare sector produces tons of data, but most of it is not being leveraged to provide the kind of insights it potentially could. The hope is that AI will be able to sort through this mountain of information to provide novel insights to improve the treatment or enable the prevention of disease.

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