Health Catalyst is the new unicorn in the healthcare’s AI applications

Healthcare is more and more driving investment related to AI focused companies. The main point is an intelligent analysis of big data, related to the daily work of doctors and other stackeholders. On the other side is important to focus on security and budget.

Health Catalyst attract another $100 million in funding–$85 million in debt and $15 million in equity–and reach a valuation of just over $1 billion. The company has raised a known total of $392 million (inclusive of debt and private equity).

Source and complete article at TechCrunch

Dan Burton is the company CEO. He points out the relevant clinical improvements with the case of Sepsis, a patology which causes 250.000 deaths per year.

“So much of what depends on success in the treatment of sepsis is identifying [it] correctly as soon as possible, and then within three hours and within six hours, bundling together the right treatment protocols and ensuring compliance,” Burton explained. “We have a governance committee meeting in a dashboard where we track the number of lives that were actually saved as a result of compliance with the early indicators.”

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