Hotels pionering AI applications

After the Colliers International report, is rising major attention about the role of AI in the tourism industry. Colliers stated that 73 percent of the manual activities in hospitality could be automated by 2025.

Some hotels are already trying to introduce tech innovation in the day by day operations:

  • Marriot is going towards a relevant use of Amazon’s Alexa, with a kind of “hospitality” patch
  • Alibaba Group’s FlyZoo Hotel in Hangzhou, China, is introducing facial recognition for a number of uses. Robots are substituting staff in different roles..
  • Melia Hotels introduce a wearable to connect with the chain’s app: and free is possible to open doors or pay restaurants, shops and some services

But, as Synced reveals:

AI technology is however still developing, and so deployment costs across a hotel or a chain of hotels remains high. Also, smart solutions are not yet quite smart enough to fully replace human staff: Tokyo’s Henn-na Hotel — the world’s first hotel run largely by robots — recently “fired” more than half of its 243 robot staff after guests said they were inefficient and irritating. Information security and job loss fears are additional issues facing AI in travel and tourism. 2019/02/02

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