Kaia Health is an app against chronic Pain, powered by AI and Clinically tested

There is an increasing attention to self therapy applications. How could those work? of course with the help of related content and guidelines the patient can be supported. But to be truly effective, the app should be able to “read” the real work done by the patient and target the most impacful exercises. AI can direct the patient toward a more personalized therapy.

We found some weak point in data collection. It depends from the front camera of the smartphone, is it enough?

The app includes Video-based AI physiotherapy which offers exercises to help patients build muscle and promote a healthy cardiovascular system, whilst a machine learning algorithm adjusts the support based on each patient’s disease profile.

source: Healthtechdigital

The most important validation comes from a clinical pilot study, Digitalizing multidisciplinary pulmonary rehabilitation in COPD with a smartphone application: an international observational pilot study – International Journal of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (November, 2018). As well studies by Technical University of Munich’s Center for Pain Therapy. 

Many company are moving in this sector, but few have been clinically validated.
Dr. Mani Rafii, who sits on Barmer’s board

We have to deal with a problem such as back pain with easily accessible and effective care,” he said. “The bespoke training with Kaia is straightforward and applicable. Relaxation units and information modules can be used at home or on the go, making the holistic therapy ideal for everyday use.


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